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 Wix Websites by  
Web Design MK 

Web Design MK have been buidling websites since 2012 and have used a number of platforms for its customers, building high end websites for many different industries has been the focus of our business model for a number of years.


We also enjoy working with smaller business and start ups giving them a helping hand and working within their budget so a platform that can save time and money is a must to help them on the road to success.

We use Wix for 
Smarter Websites

We discovered Wix and its capabilies a few years back and knew we could offer great looking websites that just work and can help self employed, startup, micro & small businessses on the website and internet marketing ladder and not break the bank so enter our service "Smarter Websites" by Web Design MK powered by Wix. 

Its a platform that requires minimal maintenance and is trouble free so customers can concentrate on building their business.

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